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Millimodels began in 2005 in response to interest from card model-makers. Card kits are making a comeback ! In today’s atmosphere of concern about environmental issues many modellers are abandoning plastic and are discovering what can be done with card and paper.

Millimodels follow a tradition of miniature card models established in the 1940s and 1950s . Printed card, together with oddments such as matchsticks, provided the means to build detailed models using basic equipment. These were found on such diverse places as the backs of soap packets, cereal packs and also in commercial products such as Micromodels.

As a collector and builder of card models since the 1970s, I have now decided to produce and distribute my own designs. I am concentrating on railway models to start with as this is my particular interest. For these models I shall be using 1/200 scale on a standard postcard size. I shall be producing sets that provide an entire train where this is possible. I shall try to produce some models for Railway Companies that have not been previously covered.

I already have ideas for at least five more railway sets at the planning stage and have plans to produce some models that are not railway based. I hope to be able to design two or three sets per year.

The purpose of this website is to help others make the most of my card kits by giving hints, tips and detailed instructions

Millimodels are only for sale on ebay at present. www.ebay.co.uk

Sets LYS1 and LYS2

Millimodels kits LYS1 and LYS2.

Cards for set LYS1

The cards for set LYS1.

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