Here are some links to some card model sites. Some of these have models for sale and some have some free downloads of models. The site of the USA company that has been carrying on with the design of new models under the Micromodels name. Ray Morris’s site with some free downloads and details of his CDs of railway designs. John Burton’s site with CDs for sale with scans of many of the original Micromodels.  Marcle Models sell various card model kits including some original Micromodels. An interesting site with many links to all sorts of paper model sites.  A site for ship lovers. Some free downloads of ship models and some accessories as well as models for sale.

Some links to some card model enthusiast sites where you can discuss your project and air your questions with other modellers.  A mainly English language site which many card modellers frequent. There is a card model of the week picture on the home page which can inspire you to greater efforts. A card model site for German speakers but with other languages catered for to some extent.

If you are building models in 1/100 scale please consider joining the 3mm society (3mm /1 foot scale is 1/101.6), a friendly group of people where you can find many useful accessories available to members. The web site is at

Now some links to some sites that may prove useful for further information about the prototypes of the models that I produce.  The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society. The society most likely to know the answer to any question you have about the L&YR. The Great Western Society. The society with a huge collection of GWR locos, rolling stock and much more besides. If it no longer exists they will try to arrange for a replica to be made, even locomotives! The Historical Model Railway Society. This society has an active membership with vast resources of archive material.

Finally if you want to see some really well observed and detailed models, yes they are models, take a look at this - 

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