Products List

The following are available and will be obtainable via ebay, search for “Millimodels”. Not all models will be available at all times and at times there will be none on sale due to periodic reduced availability but they will re-appear!

Set LYS1

 LYS1 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Goods Train 1911. 6 cards. Aspinall 0-6-0 loco, loco coal wagon, low sided wagon, 10 ton van, 6 wheel brake van and track.

Set LYS2

 LYS2 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Passenger Train 1911. 6 cards. Aspinall 2-4-2T loco, Leeds-Bradford-Liverpool (LBL) set of 3 coaches, and track.

Set GWS1

 GWS2 Great Western Railway 54xx and B set coaches 1935. 6 cards. Collet 54xx class 0-6-0PT loco, two B set coaches and track.

Set GWS2

GWS1 Great Western Railway 48xx and Autotrain 1935. 6 cards. Collet 48xx class 0-4-2T loco two Autocoaches and track.

Set GWS2

 GWS3 Great Western Railway 45xx and goods train 1935. 6 cards. Churchward 45xx class 2-6-2T loco, open wagon,conatiner wagon and container, two varieties of goods van, brake van and track.

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